11 Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo

Palo Santo wood pretty popular among many not only because of its beautiful smell but also for its many amazing spiritual and other benefits. At first glance, it may seem like just another ordinary wood that smells great.

But did you know, Palo Santo also use as essential oil and even as a tea? Also, it has the practical use of keeping mosquitoes and other nasty bugs away. And spiritually the wood is so significant that when translated from its native Spanish language it means holy wood.

The fact is that the smell of Palo Santo has hints of citrusy and lemony notes. And the Palo Santo wood belongs to the citrus family. Mostly, this tree found in some parts of the South American region. Also, found in some parts of Central America.

In this article, we mention some benefits of Palo Santo that you must need to know before using it.

10 Benefits of Palo Santo

#1. Get Rid of Unpleasant Smell

You can use Palo Santo sticks as incense. They produce a quite pleasing smell when its burned. If you have areas in your house that smell particularly nasty because of the presence of some element that you can’t get rid of, you can just get rid of r smell by burning Palo Santo sticks.

Even if you don’t need to mask the bad smell, you can still use Palo Santo sticks just for their great smell. The smell of the Palo Santo includes woodsy and citrusy notes which almost resemble the smell of lemon, mint, and pine. The smell is pretty mild, so it is quite pleasant to have around.

Burning Palo Santo can automatically brighten up the mood and atmosphere of any room. Many people like the smell quite a lot and that is why they use Palo Santo stick without knowing about its spiritual and healing benefits and end up accidentally getting the benefits.

#2. Getting Rid of Insects

As nice as the smell of Palo Santo is, insects do not really like it. That is why they stay away from when they get the smell of this wood. So, along with freshening up the atmosphere, you can use Palo Santo as a natural insect repellent.

The chemical insect repellents that you normally use are lashed with tons of harmful chemical products that although get rid of the bugs effectively, are really not good for your health.

If any of your pets or kids accidentally comes in contact with these harmful chemicals, they may get sick. Some of these chemicals are even strong enough to harm adults. With Palo Santo, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about any of these negative consequences while getting rid of bugs.

Palo Santo is pretty good at repelling mosquitoes too. The smoke of Palo Santo is not favored by mosquitoes and they will not bother you at all if you regularly burn Palo Santo sticks at your home. It is effective in getting rid of mosquitoes from both inside and outside the house. Getting rid of mosquitoes also means getting rid of many diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

Try and burn the sticks every now and then around your household. Do in the evening when mosquitoes are most likely to invade your household and you will be free from them all night.

#3. Energy Cleansing

Palo Santo is popular as incense not for its smell or insect repelling properties. It also has a ton of spiritual and healing properties that makes it popular with many people. One of these properties is energy cleansing that can be beneficial for many purposes.

Many people nowadays experience a lot of negative things like lack of energy and motivation or feeling tired and anxious a lot of the time. This may be due to the hectic schedule many are on nowadays due to work and other lifestyle choices, or it is maybe due to the cluster of negative energy in one’s energy field. Palo Santo wood can help one get rid of these energy clusters and purify one’s energy field.

Burning Palo Santo wood is believed to get rid of any kind of negative energy and influences that may be in one’s energy aura and atmosphere. Getting rid of negative energy will help one manifest more good luck and better opportunities.

It can also help one get rid of sickness and any kind of accident. So, in a way burning Palo Santo wood can help you live a happier and healthier life.

Palo santo benefits

#4. Healing

As said in the previous point, Palo Santo wood helps one get rid of negative energy, and subsequently, you are less likely to fall sick when you are free from negative energy.

But besides spiritual reasons, there are other benefits that make Palo Santo great for healing purposes. Palo Santo essential oils are said to be great at reducing stress. Stress is said to be the common factor in a lot of diseases, mental and physical.

Stress is said to be the most common cause of many diseases like asthma, heart diseases, low and high blood pressure, diabetes, premature aging, and even headaches. Even if the cause is a different one, stress is the factor that contributes to worsening these diseases.

As Palo Santo can soothe one’s nerves and get rid of stress, it can help you avoid or at the very least regulate the severity of these diseases.

#5. Health Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo is said to be get rid of other different physical conditions like flu, bronchitis, anxiety, simple colds, and coughs, etc. Apart from the purpose of burning, it can also be used to extract Palo Santo essential oils. The oil can be added in soaps or lotions to give them a pleasant smell.

Adding Palo Santo oil to soaps and lotions makes it pretty effective in treating and healing the skin and making it look and feel more moisturized, soft, and healthier.

The oil is pretty good at relieving pain and hence can be used to treat joint pains or headaches. The oil is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties that make it so effective in relieving joint pain and other pains and inflammation.

Palo Santo wood also said to have a compound named d-limonene. D-limonene is said to be helpful in the process of preventing a lot of types of Cancer. And essential oil and incense sticks are not the only ways to use Palo Santo wood.

You can even use Palo Santo to make tea. Simmering Palo Santo wood in boiling water will prepare Palo Santo tea. And this tea is really good for our digestive tract. It can help clear any blockages in our digestive tracks and feel healthier.

#6. Divine Connection

Palo Santo woods are great at solidifying the connection one has with their own soul and there is nothing more divine than the connection one has with their own soul. We all may seem different but the truth that each and every living creature is the part of the same divine awareness that arguably makes the whole universe.

In our own egocentric minds, many of us often forget about this truth. One of the many ways to feel this connection is meditation and Palo Santo wood can really help in the process of meditation. Meditation involves calming one’s mind and focusing solely on one’s breath. The gentle and calming smell of the smoke of the Palo Santo sticks can really help one calm their mind.

While you meditate burn a couple of Palo Santo sticks in the room. The earthy and fruity smell of Palo Santo can help you feel your own connection to the earth. You can even burn Palo Santo sticks regularly in your household every now and then. It will help you maintain a mystical and divine atmosphere in your household.

#7. Palo Santo Benefits- Cleansing of Crystals

palo santo with sage

Since Palo Santo is pretty good at removing negative energy. One creative way you can use this wood is to recharge and reenergize your crystals. Crystals on a daily basis absorb a lot of negative energy, so they tend to lose their effectiveness after a period of time.

If you use crystals in the form of Jewelry that you take everywhere you go. They do the absorbing of negative energy from every place you go and from every person, you meet. That is why crystal jewelry seems to stop working after you wear them for a while.

A great solution to this is cleaning the negative energy from the crystals. You can do that by letting the crystals bath in the smoke of the Palo Santo woods. The smoke will absorb the negative energy from the crystals. And as the smoke clears it will take all the negative energy with itself. So your gemstones and crystals will be good as new.

#8. Palo Santo Benefits – Calming Effects

Along with healing, Palo Santo is also great at calming. The mild and gentle smoky smell that Palo Santo wood produces on burning has a very calming effect on people. The bright and citrusy smell of Palo Santo can really help brighten up the atmosphere and it is also great at covering any bad smell and clearing any negative energy. That’s why it often use to calm up the energies of the room in practices where we need a calm and clear mind, like meditation.

The essential oil of Palo Santo also said to be great for calming one’s mind. In the form of essential oil, you can get the smell without the smoke which bothers some people. The smoke is also not very good for people who have breathing problems like asthma. So they can very easily swap the Palo Santo sticks for the Palo Santo essential oil.

If you suffer from anxiety, then you should use Palo Santo regularly as its calming effects are great to battle anxiety. You can use Palo Santo in the forms of soaps and lotions if you don’t like the soap. There are a lot of custom soaps and lotions available with Palo Santo extracts and Palo Santo essential oils.

If they are way too expensive for you or not satisfied with any of them. Then you can make your own DIY Palo Santo soaps or moisturizers.

#9. Protection

The protection that the Palo Santo wood provides from the negative energy also protects you from a lot of other negative things. A cluster of negative energy can contribute to more manifestation of bad luck and missed opportunities. It can result in loss of health and wealth, and in some cases, it may even result in the loss of loved ones. In order to avoid it, you can use crystals or you can use Palo Santo.

Burning Palo Santo regularly around your household will not only help you get rid of bugs and mosquitoes, but it will also help you get rid of all kinds of negative energy that may be lurking in some corners around your household.

You can even carry along a small piece of Palo Santo wood with you whenever you travel or go out in order to protect yourself from the negative energies that are corrupting this whole world. Carrying Palo Santo wood with you while traveling will make sure to keep you protected from any accidents during the whole trip.

#10. Good Luck Charm

Palo Santo is a pretty effective good luck charm. Many people use different gemstones like rubies or garnets as good luck charm for the purpose of attracting wealth and prosperity, But what many might not know is a simple piece of wood is also an effective and beneficial good luck charm.

As Palo Santo wood gets rid of negative energy from our life, it makes room for more positive energy and good luck to fill our lives with more joy and prosperity.

Palo Santo protects us from various illnesses and creates more energy and motivation in our lives. However, you must have the time and energy to focus on the things that really want in your lives instead of unnecessary things. And when we put more motivation and energy to our work, it’s a surprise that good things will automatically get attracted to our way.

So, this simple piece of wood can be seen as a piece of magnet that attracts joy and desires to our lives.

#11. Inspires and Awakens Creativity

Many artists throughout their lifetimes at least once have gone through the state called a slump where their creativity is really low or absent and they are unable to motivate themselves to create anything new. This may be due to the cluster of negative energy they absorb on a daily basis.

Meditation is a really good way to connect your own souls. Also, regenerate the creativity that is dimmed due to the negative influences of the world. Palo Santo is really good at creating the perfect mood for meditation.

The gentle and earthy smell of Palo Santo is really good at inspiring creativity and motivation in someone. If you feel tired a lot lately you can even take a long bath with Palo Santo essential soaps. Both the bath and the gentle smell of the Palo Santo oil will help you relax. You can even visualize all your worries and getting absorbed by the bathing water and going down the drain. Once your anxieties and worries get clear, you will find your creativity and motivation again.

How to Use Palo Santo

There are multiple ways you can use Palo Santo wood. You can use Palo Santo wood to clear negative energy from your crystals and from your home and energy aura. You can even use Palo Santo as an essential oil. Also, the essential oil can be added to soaps or moisturizers. You can even make tea out of Palo Santo and drink it. Here are all the ways one can use Palo Santo wood.

Cleaning Home

In order to cleanse bad energies from your home along with bugs and mosquitoes. You can take a couple of Palo Santo sticks and burn them in a candle flame. After letting it burn for about 30 seconds you can blow them out and place them in an incense holder. Make sure to keep them away from any flammable products for safety purposes.

You can take the sticks along with incense holders around. And let the smoke clear out all the negative energy from your household. You can even hold the sticks in your hands and carry them around to every corner. Just be sure to pay attention while holding the sticks so that you don’t get burned.

Cleaning Crystals

In order to clean the energy aura of your crystals, you can pretty effectively use Palo Santo woods. To do that you need to put all of your crystals that you want to recharge in a container. Then you can light up a couple of Palo Santo sticks and let the smoke wash over the crystals. You can then leave the crystals with the burning Palo Santo sticks. After the crystal is cleansed, it’ll recharge soon as the sticks are done burning.

Palo Santo Tea

To make Palo Santo tea all you need are some shavings of Palo Santo wood, some clean water, and honey, or sugar for sweetness. Boil the water and along with the Palo Santo shaving for a couple of minutes. You can put about a teaspoon of wood shavings to make about two cups of tea.

If you like strong flavor in your tea then boil the wood shavings in the water for 10 minutes. In less time than that if you want a milder tea. Add the sweetener according to your taste after you have strained the tea into a cup. Drinking this tea is good for your digestive system, and for pain and inflammation.


In conclusion, Palo Santo is quite a beneficial mystical kind of wood, almost like all those crystals. We already mentioned most of the benefits of Palo Santo. With this wood, you can even make it into a tea a drink and how cool is. But the things to remember this piece of wood takes a long time to grow and cultivate it. And the growing demand for the wood may end up resulting in the extinction of this incredible spice. The only way to prevent this is to make sure that we buy from suppliers that practice sustainable cultivation.

Don’t buy it from any sources that sell it too cheap, chances are they are selling it cheap. Because they do not care too much about sustainability and only care about making a quick buck. Good buying practices can save us a lot of pain that our future generations will have to go through. It’s better to pay a couple of bucks to make sure that our kids can have the same benefits.