Benefits of Wearing January Birthstone Ring

January birthstone ring

A January birthstone ring is for those who were born in month of January. A birthstone holds a ton of spiritual significance in many cultures. And is also believed to have many amazing benefits for the ones who wear them.

A birthstone ring is one of the most popular ways to utilize a birthstone as jewelry. In the form of a ring, one can easily keep a birthstone ring with themselves at all times.

A birthstone ring is a ring with one’s birthstone gem attached to it. According to the month a person is born, everyone has a birthstone. For example, if you are born in the month of July then your birthstone is the ruby. But instead, if you were born in the month of December, you have three birthstones, zircon, turquoise and tanzanite.

Generally, January month has two birthstone, GARNET and EMERALD.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the different aspects of wearing Garnet birthstone ring.

What is the January Birthstone Ring?

Those who are born in the month of January are either a Capricorn or an Aquarius. These people have beautiful Garnet stones as their birthstone. So a ring with the Garnet gemstone will be the birthstone ring for a person who born in January.

The garnet stone is available in nature in many colors, but red is the most common one. The stone is a group of silica minerals and it is also available in brown, pink, purple, orange, green, blue, black, and even colorless forms.

Some garnet stones may seem like a different color, if you take a look each from different angles and under different lights.

Who should wear a January Birthstone Ring?

Of course, anyone who is born in the month of January can greatly benefit from wearing a January birthstone ring. But even if you are not born in the month of January, still you can benefit from this special garnet ring.

The garnet stone is a pretty popular stone to be used for the abundance of good fortune. If you are in the business field then you might need to wear a garnet ring. It will keep you focus, maybe luck will start favoring you more.

Along with luck, the garnet stone is really good at transforming negative energy into positive energy and generating more positive energy in one’s life and body.

So, people who tend to get ill easily or do not feel a lot of energy and motivation every day to function as their best self should also wear a garnet stone ring.

Benefits of Wearing a January Birthstone Ring

There are a lot of benefits of wearing a January birthstone ring, and these benefits are not only limited to those who were born in the month of January. The January birthstone or the Garnet stone can be used as a good luck talisman, an energy enhancer, for clearing and protecting from negative energy and many other purposes.

Clearing Negative and Enhancing Positive Energy

The stone is believed to be incredibly capable of transforming and handling energy in one’s body. The red color of the stone symbolizes fire, and the fire is known for its property of transforming the form of matter. The stone does a similar thing with energy.

People who experience low energy or motivation to go on with their day to day activities should really try using this birthstone ring. The stone is very effective at creating more positive energy in one life and body. It also enhances the flow of energy throughout your body. Also, it’ll help you to motivate to do more work that you need to do. And, even help you enjoy it more.

Health Benefits

Well, energy isn’t the only flow that the Garnet stone can help regulate in one’s body.  Garnet stone is apparently quite good at regulating the blood flow of our body too. Since the garnet stone blocks the incoming negative energy flow to us, it can protect our body from getting sick. In this way, it is a sense that almost gives a boost to our immune system. It also helps with various blood-related diseases like blood deficiency.

The garnet stone is really effective in managing a ton of mental diseases. The stone believed to improve one’s life’s quality and create more fun and happiness in one’s life. That is why it can be quite helpful for people who suffer from mental illnesses like depression.

According to various ancient beliefs, garnet stone can also help in protecting one from poison. This belief may come from the fact that Garnet stone can get rid of chaotic energy from one’s body. The Garnet stone can get rid of the chaotic energy poison creates n one’s body and elevate the flow of positive energy to neutralize the effect of the poison and heal the victim.

Effect on Wealth and Abundance

Garnet stone is really good at attracting more money and success in one’s life. Since wearing the stone attracts good luck to one’s life. The people who are in the business field can attract good opportunities and success in business with the help of this ring. You can even try your luck in the lottery if you have one a Garnet ring with you. Chances are, you will end up winning.

The stone is also really good at harnessing one’s creativity. So, people who are in the creative field as a profession can also benefit from having one of these rings.

The ring can also improve the level of your focus and excitement for your work and life. Especially as luck is on their side. Anyone, who works with that much excitement and motivation are bound to find success and abundance of wealth.

Enhances Manifestation Ability

Since Garnet stone enhances one’s energy and vibration state. It can really help us match ourselves to the vibrational state to all the good things that we want to manifest in our lives. As anyone who is familiar with manifestation knows, in order to manifest good things in one’s life, it is really important to stay in a high state of vibration.

Also, positive emotions like happiness and peace are the emotional states that one should be in order to manifest good things. A garnet ring can help you manifest better. Because, it along with elevating one’s energy state also helps one feel more positive emotions on a daily basis.

Increases Love and Joy in One’s Life

Red is the color of love and the red color of garnet is also very good at creating a feeling of more love in one’s life.

Benefits from a Garnet Birthstone Ring for Those Who Were Born In January

The benefits mentioned above are just the general benefits of the Garnet stone that anyone can get if they use the stone.

But for those who were born in the month of January, can experience some special benefits. If they wear the Garnet stone ring as it is their birthstone ring.

Wearing a birthstone ring believed to help in activating one’s Kundalini Chakra. Some of the benefits of activating the Kundalini chakra include improvement in brainpower, concentration, willpower and creativity.

An improvement in one’s intuitive power, ability to make better decisions, ability to slow down one’s aging process and a lot of other benefits.

A birthstone ring can also solidify your connection to your soul. A birthstone has quite a divine connection to your soul. Our soul is quite ancient and it has reincarnated for centuries in different forms and has gained a ton of knowledge. It has the answers to all of your questions.

It knows what you are best at, what your truest desire is, and what your truest purpose is in this life. A birthstone can help you feel closer and sometimes even help you contact your soul. That way you can learn about yourself better and you’d even have more clarity about various aspects of your life.

Which Finger should you wear a January Birthstone Ring?

A garnet stone is most effective when it is worn in the ring finger. The ring finger is apparently in alignment with one’s blood circulation, heart, stomach, and eyesight. Wearing the birthstone in the ring finger can activate the energy of the sun. Which will help you find your inner leadership qualities and intelligence.

Where Can You Get a January Birthstone ring?

A garnet stone is pretty widely available. Since it is a much cheaper alternative of the ruby stone it is quite popular and hence can be found in most jewelry or crystal shops. You can check with your local jewelry store, we are sure you are going to find a garnet stone there. You can then customize it into the kind of ring you like.

If you can’t find a garnet stone in your local jewelry store, you can even order it online. You can get your garnet stone delivered to your doorstep using online delivery. There also are garnet stone rings available to buy in various online stores like Amazon, Etsy. But if you don’t like the designs of the rings available on these platforms, you can just order the stone by itself and take it to your local jewelry and get a ring made for yourself with your favorite design.


Its almost weird when you think about how such tiny pieces of crystals can hold so much power in one’s life. The garnet stone is a representation of love, creativity, warmth, and connection.